Teach a CE Course

Greetings and thank you for your interest in teaching a Continuing Education course through Healing Spirits Massage Training Program.

Here is some basic info you’ll need to know before you get started with us:

Continuing Education One-Day Series:

This is our affordable and time-efficient way for professionals to earn CE credits.  We have standardized our pricing at $16/CE hr. for everyone’s benefit:

  • 6-hr. course: $96
  • 7-hr. course: $112
  • 8-hr. course: $128
General Timeline:

If your course needs to be approved by the Colorado Department of Private & Occupational Schools, please allow 3 months from beginning this process to the date of the course. See below for more details.

If you do not need to be DPOS approved, please allow a minimum of one month to market your course.  However, scheduling depends entirely on the Bodywork Bistro studio availability.

DPOS Approval: $200

To offer your course for  CEUs through Healing Spirits Massage Training Program, we’ll have to get it approved by the Colorado State Department of Professional and Occupational Schools or DPOS, if it is not already.  There is a one-time charge for this of $200 ($125 to the state of CO, $25 to NCBTMB, and $50 for our administrative time) to be taken off the top of the revenue from the first occurrence of this workshop.  Alternately, you can pay this fee up front.

To begin the process, visit http://highered.colorado.gov/dpos/schools/forms.html  download and complete the following paperwork and send electronically to admin@healingspirits.net or hard-copy to 550 Mohawk Dr. #65, Boulder, 80303:

    1. Stand Alone Course Approval Form
    2. Evaluator Report x3 (**See below)
    3. Bio/Resume from Each Evaluator with copy of MT license if currently practicing

**The evaluation reports must be obtained from ONE of the following combinations:

  • Three prospective employers (3 total); or
  • Two prospective employers and two practitioners not associated with these employers (4 total); or
  • Two practitioners and a qualified Board Member (3 total); or
  • Two practitioners and a professional board or association (3 total).

Please contact us with any questions about completing this paperwork or this process in general. We’re also happy to email you these documents if you have any trouble downloading them.

Once we receive this completed paperwork, we will send it in to the state along with the appropriate fee and will be eligible to attend the state Board meeting the following month to finalize the course approval.  Please plan on a minimum one-month processing period for this paperwork, maximum two months.  

For any hands-on modalities, we require that you are a currently licensed professional in the state of Colorado and carry professional level liability insurance.  We reserve the right to request proof of licensure and insurance, if the need arises.

Location information:

Because of the State of Colorado regulations around CE courses, you must teach your course at our school location,* which is in the Bodywork Bistro Living Arts Center at 3825 Iris Ave. Ste. 300, Boulder, CO 80301.

*If you have your own location in mind, you can apply for a one-time Change of Location with the State.  

Studio Amenities:
  • Beautiful 650 sq. ft. studio with a skylight, big windows, hardwood floor, mirror wall
  • AV system for sound and/or video projection
  • Massage tables (9) and Shiatsu mats (10)
  • Sitting cushions, backjacks and folding chairs (16)
  • Yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets
  • Changing rooms
  • Kitchen/Cafe access
  • Refrigerator & other appliances for student use
  • Extraordinary, almost panoramic views of the Flatirons
Scheduling your workshop:

Once your course is state approved, you’ll have to complete the Bodywork Bistro Event Application including a course description and provide a flyer with your bio, headshot and any other artwork.  We will then inform you of available dates/times and get your workshop scheduled.


All registration & payments must be handled by the Bodywork Bistro and for these services, they will take a 10% cut of the total workshop revenue.  To enroll in your workshop, a person can either call the Bodywork Bistro Living Arts Center at 303) 413-1992 or visit their website http://bodyworkbistro.com/events-workshops to register/pay directly online.  Please include this information on the flyer and any other promotional materials.   

Marketing your Course:

We cannot begin marketing your course until we receive DPOS approval.  Please allow a minimum one month after DPOS approval for marketing your course.

A flyer must be created for your workshop.  You can provide your own which needs to include a bio, headshot, course description, the Healing Spirits logo and any other artwork.  We also request that the flyer states “Presented by Healing Spirits Massage Training Program”.  If you’d like a professionally-designed flyer created for you, that is also an option.  The Bodywork Bistro offers this service and charges and additional $50, which includes printing.

Healing Spirits Marketing Services:
  • Website Event Listing: event page on the Healing Spirits website, with a bio & headshot of the instructor
  • Social Media: event invites and promotions on our Facebook and Twitter pages
  • E-newsletter: to our contact list of 300+ (and growing)
  • Massage Mag Event Listing
  • ABMP CE Calendar Listing
  • AMTA’s Quarterly Listings
Bodywork Bistro Marketing Services:
  • Postering – Instructor-provided event flyers posted at all of their locations: Whole Foods Market on Pearl St, Living Arts Center in N Boulder, Spruce location, just off Pearl St mall downtown
  • Take-away Flyers – Instructor-provided event flyers available for take-away at the Spruce St. & Iris Ave. locations
  • Website event listing – event page on the Bodywork Bistro website (will also include a bio for workshop instructor) and listing on their events web calendar
  • Facebook – event invites and promotion on their Facebook pages
  • Email blasts – emails to their internal (weekly) and external (2-3 times monthly) email contacts – 4100 contacts and growing
  • Newsletter – inclusion in monthly printed Bistro newsletter
  • Postering – Inclusion on the Living Arts Center monthly calendar & event listing, which is posted by Mercury Messengers
  • Advertising –  Monthly calendar / event listing ad in Boulder Weekly
Minimum Enrollment:

For the workshop to go on, we require a minimum enrollment of six people.  A decision for cancellation will be made based on enrollment numbers seven days prior to the scheduled start of the workshop.

Cancellation Policy:

If the workshop is cancelled for any reason (other than low enrollment) once the contract is signed, there is a 25% cancellation fee (of the Bodywork Bistro Studio Rental) & a non-refundable Marketing Fee.  Within a month of the start of an event, there will be  a 35% cancellation fee of the Bodywork Bistro Studio Rental and a non-refundable Marketing Fee, for which you will be responsible.  If the event is cancelled less than seven days from the start date, you will be responsible for reimbursing Healing Spirits in the full amount for the Bodywork Bistro Studio Rental & Marketing Package (see Financial Breakdown below).

If the workshop is cancelled due to low enrollment, Healing Spirits will split the 35% cancellation fee with you.

Feedback Forms:

All workshop participants are required to fill out a feedback form at the end of each course, which Healing Spirits will provide.  You can pick them up at the Bodywork Bistro Front Desk during your workshop.  Please have the students fill out and return the form to you before they receive their certificate.  We encourage you to review the completed forms before returning them to the Front Desk staff.


Healing Spirits will provide an official certificate for each workshop participant verifying the completion of this state-approved course.   The week before the course start date, Healing Spirits will prepare the certificates and have them waiting at the Bistro Front Desk for you to distribute at the end of course.  If there are any last-minute enrollees or if the student wants his/her name to appear differently, the Bodywork Bistro Front Desk can print certificates on the spot.

Financial Breakdown*:

Workshop Revenue = $16/credit hr./student

  • -10% for Bistro Registration & Payments services
  • -$200 fee for DPOS/NCBTMB approval (if applicable)
  • -$195 for Bistro Services incl. Studio Rental (for a 6-8 hour studio rental…the price goes up for studio rentals longer than 8 hours)
  • -$40 or $90 Marketing Package (depending on who creates the flyer)

= Workshop Profit

  • -20% for Healing Spirits (to cover marketing and other administrative tasks)

= 80% for YOU, the instructor*

Ex. For an 8-hr. course, with 10 students enrolled, you would earn:

  • $574, if requiring DPOS approval
  • OR $734, if no DPOS approval is required

*Please contact us for more details regarding your potential earnings.

Summary of Steps for Scheduling CE course:
  1. Complete DPOS Approval paperwork & send it to us
  2. Contact us for dates/times availability
  3. Complete Bodywork Bistro Event Application
  4. Sign Healing Spirits Massage Training Program Continuing Education Instructor Contract
  5. Create a flyer (or have it created for you)
  6. Spread the word to your network.

Thanks again for your interest.
Please contact us if you have any further questions
and if you are interested in collaborating with us to provide
Quality Continuing Education, with Heart.