Scholarship Fundraiser

We’re getting more inquiries than ever into our program, and we are excited about the potential growth.

The availability of scholarships can be the deciding factor for someone who may end up choosing another massage school. We are currently recruiting for the next class. Several prospective students have already applied for scholarships as they are in need of assistance to be able to attend our extraordinary program, and we are working with very limited funds.

Donate Now

It is our hope that you are in a position where you can give back a little to a place where you hopefully received something grand. If you could find it in your heart to donate the equivalent amount of even just one of your sessions to this cause or whatever amount you can, collectively, it would be a huge help.

Your generosity in the past has allowed for scholarships ranging from $200 to $750. Helen personally reviews these in-depth financial applications so that the funds are allocated to those who are in most in need of assistance. Please know that 100% of all donations go to the Healing Spirits Scholarship Fund that is used strictly for this purpose so that we may continue to turn out some of the best quality therapists in the nation. You can take this donation as a tax write-off under “Charitable Contributions.”

Simply click the Donate Now button to be taken to our Square Store. Under the “Other” Category, choose “Scholarship Donation” and add one to your Basket. You can change the quantity once you go into your Basket.

Donate Now

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider and address these issues, and for all the wonderful energy you have sent our way over the year(s). May abundance surround and fill us all.