Yoga for the Brave of Heart

M/W/F 7-8:30am

Yogic Embodiment with Sofia Diaz

These classes heighten different facets of the power of Hatha Yoga, favoring beloved states turning into vajra (clear, diamond-bright) traits and discomforts exploding into concentric circles of empowered care affecting the world by one whole-body, conscious breath. Embodiment Technologies are the button to push in this time of imbalanced though exciting warp-speed evolution. There is no greater intelligence than the activity of heart-embodied-consciousness, there is no greater relief than understanding the unnecessary clutch of self, so easy with a few simple postures well connected and so brilliantly achieved with consistency of practice, thus ‘the slew’ of classes. The ride of our lives is fueled by the 10,0000 open eyes of our skin and, our heart beat – heads along only for the bliss.

Cost: $20 drop-in, Free for ShaktiSoma Members

Integral Zen Meditation

T/Th 7:15-8:30am

with Chad Bennett

This group is for meditators of all experience levels who are interested in exploring the confluence and differentiation of Waking Up and Growing Up. We maintain deep respect and gratitude for the 2500 years of the unbroken wisdom lineage of Buddhism and now recognize that what it means to be Awake must include leaving no stone unturned within the astounding evolutionary developments that our psychologies and bodies have undergone. The group is designed for those of us who would like to start or rekindle a daily meditation commitment while refining our understanding of what it means to be healthy and well integrated human beings. There are periods of sitting in silent meditation, walking or yoga practice and short instructions or teachings.

Who are you anyway? The spiritual journey just begins when we slow down enough to look inwards and admit to ourselves that we do not know who we actually are. How mysterious, that the self-referencing ego can’t even know itself. Are you your thoughts? No! Are you your feelings? No! Are you your stories and your history? No! Well then who on earth are you? Finally, we arrive in “not knowing” which enables our truest most open learning environment to be recognized. This is what Zen Buddhism refers to as “Beginner’s Mind”.

Cost: $10 Drop-In, $40/Month for ShaktiSoma Members

Tai Chi, 8-week series

with Cynthia Ghiron

Class begins with relaxation, then transitions into some simple yin Chi Gong warm-up exercises before moving into Tai Chi: a Five Element form and 1st-5th circles. Tai chi is sequential with each move building to the next. Therefore, it is best to learn in an 8-week series, with one new move covered per class.

Students are welcome to drop in for the first class of a sequence to see if it’s a good fit for them.

Cost: $178 for eight week or $168 with $10 off special.

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