Student Services

Books and Supplies

Textbooks, printed materials and packets are included in your tuition cost and will be provided throughout the course of the program.

Audio / Visual Learning Resources

Healing Spirits offers our current students private access to Vimeo which includes video recordings of class demos and audio recordings of class lectures. These resources are provided with the intention to assist students in their studies outside of class and to provide a means for students to make up lessons that have been missed due to illness or other excused absence.


Although Healing Spirits does not officially house students, we will assist our out-of-town friends in finding accommodations to suit their needs by providing a list of your options, ranging from inexpensive dorm style lodgings to Boulder’s finest hotels.

Job Placement

The field of massage therapy is continuing to grow throughout the USA and a wide variety of job opportunities exist for qualified therapists. Healing Spirits will post job opportunities with potential employers; however, there is no promise or guarantee that completion of this program will automatically secure the student with a job in the field of massage therapy.

Credits for Previous Training

Student may challenge a course or receive credit for previous training by submitting proof upon enrollment. We will evaluate the information and grant credit at our discretion only when the previous training is equivalent with the curriculum at Healing Spirits. There is a transfer fee of $5.00 per contact hour. Granting of credit for previous training shall not impact the refund policy. This program does not guarantee the transferability of its credits to any other institution unless there is a written agreement with that institution.


Electives will be offered based upon demand. A minimum of 10 students is needed for an elective course to be held.


Students are encouraged to carpool whenever possible.

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